Analog & Digital Recording

My studio:  Here I have both analog tape and Pro Tools HDX with iZ Technology & Burl Audio converters, as well as a pile of fancy gear and a wide variety of tube, ribbon and dynamic mics.  You also have many instruments and toys available to help inspire the right performance or put that special ingredient in your track.  You can try out various tube combo amps, choose from a closet full of great pedals, try out the vintage Rhodes (which most say is a “good one”) the old Hammond, or make some noise with the Moog or Nord synths that are hanging around.  Your bass player will love that I’m a bass player and have 12 or so basses here to choose from if you’re after another sound, or just feel like playing something different.  (see About > The Gear)  My tracking room is on the smaller side, but drums sound big, fat and punchy in there, and it has a nice, even response that works quite well for vocals & instrument overdubs.  Not too dead, nor too boxy or reflective.  Just right for most things.

The BIG studio:  Bigger doesn’t automatically guarantee better, but it certainly can be if the music calls for it.  If you’re thinking of spending the cash on a larger room, and specifically need that space, it’s in your best interest to bring your own engineer / producer who can help get the results you want.  We can work together before the actual sessions to think about the right musical direction, the sounds you want, and make the best use of your time.

Any Other studio:  Seattle’s got a lot of them.  You may have a setup at home that’s pretty great.  For tracking, we can go to some other places for the sound of a particular room, different gear, a certain mic, the vibe, whatever.  Many local studios welcome outside producers & engineers with their projects.  I also love taking my mobile rig and mics to a cool sounding, yet non-studio space that you always thought would be fun to record in.  Popular options include churches, lofts, large garages, and warehouse or industrial spaces.

Find the right person to make your record with, and there are all kinds of studio choices out there.  I offer a reasonable day rate to work at other studios, and can bring some nice gear along if we need it.