The Toys. …Er, I mean the equipment

This is where I list all the sexy gear in the racks and maybe show a few flashy photos of some faders and big VU meters.  I haven’t gotten around to doing that yet, but suffice it to say that there are indeed big racks, and they are indeed full of gear that is sexy.  Very sexy.

To tide you over, I’ll just give you a list of some of the boutique labels of gear I use.  If you really need to know if I have this or that mic or compressor or something, just ask.


Outboard gear:

Retro Instruments,  D.W. Fearn,  Rupert Neve Designs,  Chandler Ltd,  Maselec,  Vertigo Sound,  Pendulum Audio,  Dave Hill Designs,  TK Audio,  Empirical Labs,  Foote Control Systems,  Avalon,  Summit Audio,  Groove Tubes,  Daking,  Universal Audio.


Mic Pre-amps:

Retro Instruments,  Daking,  Universal Audio,  Atlas Pro Audio,  Groove Tubes,  Pendulum Audio.



Neumann,  AEA,  Royer,  Blue,  AKG,  Shure,  Ear Trumpet Labs,  Beyer Dynamic,  Audio Technica,  Audix, etc, etc….


Recorders / DAW:

Tascam ATR-60 16ch analog tape machine.  (House reels available for rent while tracking)

Pro Tools HDX system with iZ Technology “Classic 96” (24 Ins / 24 Outs) & Burl Audio (4 Ins / 8 Outs) converters,  tons of plug-ins.  (see mixing page for more on those)


Console / Monitoring:

Modified 32ch (64 input) Soundcraft Ghost,  2 RMS Folcrom passive summing mixers (For 32 inputs, use different mic pre-amps for make-up gain and color.  UA 2108 & Pendulum MDP-1 preamps sound fantastic for this job.),  Focal monitors.



Baden acoustic guitar,  Epiphone & Danelectro electric guitars,  13 or so bass guitars (Rickenbacker, Fender, Aria Pro II, Epiphone, Dean 8-string,  Peavey,  Yamaha & more…)

Rhodes 73 key electric piano (everyone who plays it says it’s a “good one”),  Hammond M-3 w Digitech RPM-1 and/or Motion Sound spinning speaker,  Minimoog Voyager analog mono-synth,  original Moog Taurus bass pedal synthesizer,  Taurus III bass pedal synthesizer,  Nord Lead 2,  Roland JD-800.

Mid-70’s Pearl drum kit w maple shells.  24″ kick drum & BIG toms!!!  Various oak, fiberglass & maple snare drums.  Really nice ride cymbal.  Suitcase full of percussion toys.

Pics and more details on the toys to come soon!